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Abiding in the Vine

Have you ever picked up a magazine and looked at a picture of a young woman sitting at a windowsill, looking out into a beautiful backyard, drinking a cup of coffee with a serene look on her face (you know the one) and thought, “Someday that will be me. I will have a lovely, peaceful home with lots of time to myself. I will finally be able to sit and meditate on God’s Word and thank Him for all the wonderful things He has done in my life”?

I’ve always been drawn to those pictures. I have certainly had moments like that but certainly not for long. Have you ever noticed that life is never like what you see in a magazine? It’s much messier and imperfect and the rest of the family doesn’t usually cooperate with the dream that’s in my head. It seems like everybody needs something from me and I am left with a few exhausted moments at the end of the day to myself just before I drift off to sleep.

I will never have those moments. Instead, I have to take those moments. Prioritize them ahead of everything else and plugin or connect to the source of divine peace that is available to each one of us if we would only “abide in the vine.” Just as a branch is connected to the vine, we are to connect with Jesus, the source of our strength and life. John 15:5 says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.” There is a place in the presence of God where I sit with Him, read His Word and He reveals His heart to me. It’s the kind of love our hearts long for – a place of perfect peace in a very broken world. Carve out that time alone with Him. He will strengthen you, love you, and give you whatever you need like no one else can. He is our source of strength. He is our source of peace and apart from Him, we can do nothing. He is my everything!


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